How do I find my correct size?

At my pulli, you have various options to find the perfect fit for your knitwear. You can order my pulli products in standard sizes, including petite and tall sizes. The standard sizes just don‘t fit you right? In this case, we offer garments based on your individual measurements. You can take your measurements yourself or you can opt for the my pulli measuring service and let us take care of it.

Three ways to get the perfect fit.

1. Standard sizes

You can order your my pulli in different standard sizes. We offer normal standard sizes as well as petite and tall sizes.

So, to give you an example, if the sleeves of a classic sweater in size M are always too short for you, you might find a better fitting among the tall sizes. Here is a guide to help you.

How to determine your standard size

To determine the standard size that fits you best, take your body measurements. Measure your bust/chest, waist and hip.

Note down your measurements and compare them to the my pulli size charts for petite, normal and tall sizes.

You can find more detailed instructions in those charts to download for women here and for men here.

2. Individual measurements

You can opt for individual measurements when you don‘t quite find your fit among the standard sizes or if you have individual requirements for the cut and style of your my pulli sweater.

How to determine your individual measurements:

In contrast to the standard sizes, the individual measurements are not taken from the body. We recommend measuring a garment that fits you well and which you would like to copy or which you want to slightly alterate.

We are also open to your requests for a special cut or style. Don‘t hesitate to contact us!

Find instructions for measuring and a a chart to download and fill in your measurements here.

3. The my pulli measuring service

If you would like a my pulli product in your individual measurements but don‘t want to measure yourself, we got you covered.

Go to our configurator and choose style, wool quality and colour of your soon-to-be favourite sweater, slipover vest, cardigan or button-up vest and leave the taking of your measurements to us.

How does the my pulli measuring service work?

Send us your favourite garment along with your order. You can send your alteration requests in writing. If you need help with that, we are happy to assist you. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

We determine the measurements and you will receive your old sweater along with your new, customised knitted garment from my pulli.

Please note:

Deviations from measurements: (applies to knitting pieces which were tailored to individual measurements and those ordered with the my pulli measuring service)
A unique custom made product is handwork. Concerning the measurements of (A) ½ chest/bust width, (B) ½ waist width, (C) ½ hem width and (D) sweater length, deviations of +/- 2.0 cm are tolerated and do not constitute a defect. Concerning the measurements of (E) across shoulder and (F) sleeve length, deviations of +/- 1.5 cm are tolerated and do not constitute a defect. Concerning the measurements of (G) armhole, (H) ½ sleeve width, (J) ½ sleeve opening width, (K) neck width, (L) front neck drop and (M) roll neck height, deviations of +/- 1.0 cm are tolerated and do not constitute a defect. The determination of the measurements is based on the my pulli measuring system that you can consult here on our website.