my pulli measuring service

Not everybody has a measuring tape at home and some might struggle measuring a garment for the first time. Don‘t worry, for us that‘s a daily task that we are happy to take care of for you. In the configurator, select the individual size and the my pulli measuring service. After ordering, we are happy to receive your favourite sweater and your requests for modification. For example, the sweater fits perfectly, but I would like 2 cm longer sleeves, the sweater 5 cm shorter or the V-neckline 3 cm deeper.

We measure your sweater and determine the measurements for your new sweater taking into account your modification requests. We keep those measurements for you, in case you want to order another sweater or just slightly modify the next one.

We will send the old sweater along with your new my pulli sweater back to you.

Please send the sweater to the following address:
my pulli Maßservice
Am Dammacker 11-G
28201 Bremen