Fabric Sample – 100% Merino


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Merino wool is a superb wool and because the crinkly hair of merino sheep, it‘s especially soft and warming. Just to illustrate the heat retention capacity of the material, merino sheep are comfortable in temperatures up to minus 20°C.

Wearing a merino sweater, you also benefit from the natural properties of the wool. It has good isolating qualities and on top of that it is also colourfast and naturally dirt repellent. Thanks to the yarn being of premium quality and the anti-pilling treatment, you will never have to worry about lint.
Merino wool is perfect for the knitting stitch Milano Rib, a double-bed knit. This results in a more stable fabric. The knitwear keeps its shape and is very warming, making a great outdoors sweater.

When you made a choice on colour, please return the fabric samples. Within Germany, you will receive the fabric sample fan free of shipping costs and with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The fee of EUR 30.00 will be refunded to you after returning the samples. Outside of Germany, additional shipping costs apply.